Motorized Shades


Wouldn’t it be better if you could simply push a button and your blinds or shades would roll up all by themselves? Motorized shades are an excellent way to put coverings on high and hard to reach windows,  They save you the trouble of having to mess around with strings and cords.

There are many benefits to switching to motorized shades that perfectly suit your windows. Whether in the living room when you’re settling down to watch TV or in the bedroom when you want complete darkness to get some quality sleep. You’ll be able to have them close with a quick push of the button. They can also be controlled via remote control. There are blackout options if you want an even more surefire way to keep sunlight out, as well as various light filtering materials that increase or decrease privacy. You’re in control of how much or how little light gets in, and you can even set a timer to close or open them automatically.

Energy Efficiency

Appeal to consumers’ interest in lowering their heating and cooling bills by adopting automated systems that help improve their home’s energy efficiency.​

Motorized window treatments can be programmed to control interior heat gain—​​​​they raise and lower at optimal times of day, depending on the season, to accomplish both of those goals.

Start with Comfort

Consumers are increasingly interested in using technology in their homes—to make daily tasks easier; to coordinate their “smart” appliances, media, lighting, and heating/cooling systems; and to remotely control their home’s appearance for security reasons. Graber, with their motorization partner Somfy®​, is at the forefront of this technology for window treatments. As the latest trend in home automation, motorization is perfect for the tech-savvy, early adopters.

  • Motorization makes it easier to operate hard-to-reach and wide window coverings.
  • We offer control options to fit a variety of lifestyles—​wall switches, remote controls, ​and timers.
  • The new Glydea Motorized Track offers a vast range of control options for drapes, including a touch motion feature to activate the mechanism simply by pulling on the fabric.
  • Motorization eliminates cords, allowing the viewer to focus on the beauty and simplicity of the ​blinds or shades.
  • Battery power motors make for easy installation.
Safety and Privacy

Motorized shades are certified Best for Kids. They’​re the safest choice because motorization eliminates cords.

For added home security, consumers can use automatic timers to lower window coverings at night or while away from home.